Journal Entry #1

Something that is trending all over Facebook and Twitter at the moment concerns the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris. Much of the controversy concerns how this will affect the Muslim population in France, a community that already faces their fair share of discrimination.

While many are expressing their hopes that the actions of these terrorists aren’t confused with the actions and beliefs of all Muslims, there are some  who believe that this is reasoning to not allow any more Muslims into the country.

On Friday Night, actor Rob Lowe tweeted “Oh, NOW France closes its borders #Hollande”. This tweet received a lot of backlash, with many accusing the actor of insensitivity and racism.

Some pieces that trended on Twitter was one of two CNN news anchors criticizing the Muslim community of “shirking” their responsibility for the Paris attacks. This attracted controversy and anger, with many saying that the Muslim community doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and rightly calling out a double standard, saying that White people are never asked for a comment or an apology whenever there is a White shooter or terrorist.

Another piece that trended is that of a conversation with a Muslim London Taxi Driver.

The man, a second generation immigrant with a Pakistani accent, has said that he no longer watches the news because he is unable to bear the misconceptions that many have about Islam.

“What am I supposed to tell my son? He’s only ten. Every time I turn the news on, people are talking about Islam, about the religion I’m bringing him up to love.”

He discusses how his religion has become equated with evil, and how the Muslims are unfairly blamed for this attack.

These two pieces show the uncomfortable reality that Muslims are forced to live with everyday as well as the double standard and racism they face.



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