Journal Entry #2

A frequent topic on Facebook recently has been about the Syrian refugee crisis. Ever since Justin Trudeau announced his plan to bring 25 000 Syrian refugees to Canada, news sites as well as social media have given their opinions on the matter.

Many people are opposed to the refugees coming into Canada. Presidential candidate Ben Carson wrote an article for Time Magazine stating his reasons for being against the migration of refugees. In his article, Carson says that one of the terrorists behind the attacks in Paris was able to get into several European countries by posing as a refugee. He states his belief that the same will happen in the United States.

While he states that he does not believe that all Muslims are extremists, he says that there will not be proper investigations into the refugees, and that terrorists who pretend to be refugees will not be discovered.

Others have stated their support for the migration of refugees. Supporters have accused the detractors of Islamophobia and Xenophobia, and have compared the crisis with the refugees to the Jews during WWII. They say that the incident is very similar to when countries tried to stop the Jewish people from entering.

I believe that most of the coverage of this situation has been very biased. Many of those who are writing articles or are posting statuses on Facebook in defence of the migration are people who have family members in Syria. Many of those who oppose this, whether intentional or not, are unfortunately letting their prejudices be known. While there are certainly people who are genuinely concerned for the safety of their families should the United States or Canada unknowingly accept terrorists into their country, others are reacting to this news based off of stereotypes or inaccuracies.


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